Information on the impact on pensions of the sale of British Midland Airways Limited (bmi) to International Airlines Group SA (IAG)

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2014 Budget Announcement
As part of the recent 2014 budget the Chancellor has announced changes to how people can access their defined contribution pension savings at retirement. For information on how these changes impact on your selected option, please click here.

Summary Funding Statement
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For information on Pension Option C – Friends Life Policy please click here. Please note that this should be read in conjunction with your letter dated 18 December 2013.

Sample calculations
Sample calculations showing how representative members could benefit from the voluntary payment of £84 million from Lufthansa are now available here.

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The options window is now closed. However if urgent, you can direct telephone queries regarding progress/processing of your selected option to our administration team on 0844 209 6581 and also by email to

Please note that after the closure of the options window, we will no longer be able to deal with queries about your option choice, and will only be able to assist with progressing your option.

Welcome to this website which has been set up for members of the British Midland Airways Limited Pension and Life Assurance Scheme (referred to on this site as the “Scheme”) by the Trustees of the Scheme to provide information about the impact the sale of bmi to IAG will have on your pension benefits.

The Trustees appreciate that throughout this difficult time you will have many questions and there will be much to tell you about. The Trustees are committed to rapid and open communication and we have set up this website to assist with this.

We intend to post on this website generic communications including updates to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) prepared in response to your queries. We recommend you check this website regularly for further updates. We will continue to send paper copies of more substantive communications to your home address.

This website will not be used to communicate any personal or sensitive information about your individual benefits.

Taxation Information

For general information on the taxation of the currently available options including the pension options and the Winding Up Lump Sum option (only available if your total allocation is less then £18,000) click here.

Members with allocations over £18,000 have the option to defer receipt of their allocation to see if a viable cash option may become available at a later stage if BPAG can successfully challenge HMRC’s current view on the tax and national insurance treatment of a cash option. Click here for a summary of the range of possible tax treatments of the cash option if a successful challenge can be mounted. The examples also show for comparison the effect of the tax treatment of the currently available pension option. Please note there is no guarantee that any of the cash options illustrated will be available as this depends on the outcome of any challenge.

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    The Trustees of the British Midland Airways Limited Pension and Life Assurance Scheme
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    PO19 3ZU
  • telephone 0844 209 6581

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  • Pension Protection Fund: Details about the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) can be found on their website This includes a booklet called ‘What is the Pension Protection Fund’ which contains further details about the PPF and what happens during the assessment period. Click here to view the booklet.

Frequently asked questions

  • Questions have been collated by the Scheme’s administrators and answers provided. Click here to view the most recent FAQs (updated
    March 2014).